Around the Industry – 2016 Color Forecast

Posted in News on Feb. 29, 2016

“Fresh mindfulness. Vintage workmanship. Social engagement. And technology and materials that seem to come from out of this world. We’re taking the best of everything life has to offer and indulging in the moment. Prepare to come together as we go in passionate pursuit of a shared color consciousness.”

Sherwin Williams 2016 Color Forecast

With each coming year a new color forecast is presented by the major paint companies, creating a template of hues that will emerge throughout fabrics, furniture, fashion and countless other industries for the coming year. We are given an inside look at what new trends will be arriving at the nearest mall, furniture stores or even car dealerships. I am always intrigued to see the new colors and read the story on how each collection and color was chosen, giving each of us the opportunity to create our own ideas, project inspirations from the top colors of the year.

Take a peek at three commercial paint companies’ visions for color throughout 2016. Each company has different selections and stories behind the colors they have chosen. I love to compare the differing forecasts and see the differences each possesses. Take a few moments and click on the links below and begin your quest to discover the top color trends of 2016.

Click Here for the Sherwin Williams 2016 Color Forecast
Click Here for the Benjamin Moore 2016 Color Forecast
Click Here for the Pantone 2016 Color Forecast