AI – Behind the Curtain – Erin McCullough

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Feb. 29, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 10 years
• Years of Experience: 18 years
• Kansas University: B.S. Architectural Engineering (’97), B.S. Architecture (’98)

My great grandfather was an architect, but I didn’t know that when I decided to pursue architecture as a career. Initially, I was inspired by my 6th grade teacher, Mr. House, to pursue a career in architecture. My favorite subjects were art and science, and architecture seemed like a great way to enjoy both at a professional level. I started out studying architectural engineering with a structural emphasis, but decided mid-way through college that I would prefer a career as an architect instead. However, I am thankful my engineering education has served me well in understanding building systems and communicating with our engineering consultants. My time at KU began to develop my view that architecture is an opportunity to help people improve how they feel about themselves, their jobs, and their community via the built environment. It also fostered a love and dedication for KU Basketball. Go Jayhawks!

After college, I worked on retail, restaurants, and single and multi-family residential projects with Tao + Lee Associates. Since coming to Archimages my focus has been healthcare working on several projects for BJC, Mercy, St. Luke’s, and others. I was part of a design team selected by BJC Medical Group to develop architectural standards for their medical offices. Healthcare design can be a rewarding opportunity to help improve the patient experience and make someone’s visit to the doctor’s office or Hospital more pleasant. The wide variety and fast pace of healthcare design has been a great joy and interesting challenge.

I am also passionate about education and have been a member of the Mastodon Fair organizing committee for over 15 years. Mastodon Fair is a regional art and science competition for grades K-12 from 7 Missouri counties. The Fair’s mission is to promote STEAM education and provide opportunities for children to explore and excel in the arts and sciences. The talent and creativity of the students who participate in the Fair inspires me to push myself to strive for excellence both professionally and personally. I greatly appreciate that Archimages is supportive of my volunteer activities with Mastodon Fair.

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