AI – Behind the Curtain – Bret Fox

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Jan. 21, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 5 years
• Years of Experience: 35 years
• University: St. Louis Community College and Washington University

From a young age Bret knew that he wanted to work in this industry. Once he began to create and construct buildings with his girder and panel building set, he knew. Now, when asked what intrigued him about architecture, he explained, “It was the way architecture can make you feel something. I wanted to place my stamp on the world and create something that would make people feel.” For Bret, it was the skyscraper that was able to do this most effectively. The large structures had a way of making an impression that extended beyond their own site, into the neighboring world, and people’s minds.

Since beginning at Archimages, Bret has become an integral part of the AI family. He has been a major contributor on many large projects, including the Mercy Multi-Care Specialty Clinic and Wellness Center in Edmond Oklahoma. This project had to overcome not only the typical issues that arise in construction, but a tornado that set the whole project backwards while repairs were made to the building envelope and interior. Today, Bret has been helping Archimages provide specs for individual projects, as well as working projects as far away as Washington state. He’s taken strides to improve his technical acumen, taking Revit courses in his free time, and providing yet another resource within the company for Revit assistance. In five short years, Bret has successfully taken on numerous challenges and become another reason why we are successful at what we do.