AI – Behind the Curtain – Joe Carey

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Apr. 15, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 6 years + 3 years (intern) • Years of Experience: 9 • University of Kansas – Masters of Architecture (’10) I’ve always had a fascination with how things went together and functioned, so I share a pretty typical early story with many other architects involving Lego’s as well as multiple childhood storiesRead more

AI – Behind the Curtain – Erin McCullough

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Feb. 29, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 10 years • Years of Experience: 18 years • Kansas University: B.S. Architectural Engineering (’97), B.S. Architecture (’98) My great grandfather was an architect, but I didn’t know that when I decided to pursue architecture as a career. Initially, I was inspired by my 6th grade teacher, Mr. House, to pursue aRead more

AI – Behind the Curtain – Bret Fox

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Jan. 21, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 5 years • Years of Experience: 35 years • University: St. Louis Community College and Washington University From a young age Bret knew that he wanted to work in this industry. Once he began to create and construct buildings with his girder and panel building set, he knew. Now, when asked whatRead more