AI – Behind the Curtain – Joe Carey

Posted in AI - Behind the Curtain on Apr. 15, 2016

• Archimages Tenure: 6 years + 3 years (intern)
• Years of Experience: 9
• University of Kansas – Masters of Architecture (’10)

I’ve always had a fascination with how things went together and functioned, so I share a pretty typical early story with many other architects involving Lego’s as well as multiple childhood stories of me following repairmen around the house. Back then becoming an architect never really crossed my mind. My dad was a computer programmer, and I thought I would grow up to be one too. Those two paths have been present in many different aspects of my life growing up – an inherent fascination with buildings and construction and a love of all things technology. Little did I know how relevant the two would come to be to each other.
My interest in architecture began to be more apparent in high school after a sports injury landed me in the hospital for several days. I came to realize the impact the built environment has on people, especially on those who are most vulnerable. When KU’s architecture school launched a new Health and Wellness program I jumped on immediately focusing my studies on healthcare architecture and the impacts of architecture on human wellness in general.

Today I wear multiple hats as a project architect and BIM manager across a range of project types. I’m able to leverage my personal interests every day working on projects myself and helping others to better leverage the design tools of today. Technology is changing everywhere, and the same is true in architecture. I love that I’m in a position to help Archimages move forward in this ever changing field.

Outside of architecture, I love going to and watching baseball (go Cards!) and basketball games (Rock Chalk!!). Every fall I look forward to seeing extended family and hunting on our family farm in Kansas.