An Interior Perspective

Posted in Work on Aug. 7, 2015

mariann Mariann Maxvill, Interiors Director

Every day we meet new people and are presented with unique challenges. Design can be tough, and deadlines nerve-racking, but there are wonderful opportunities to express our creativity. This unique career requires strong communication skills, and strict attention to detail. Interior Design is much more than just decorating. It’s working closely with architects to improve the overall design of a building. Working as a team, we brainstorm design solutions and implement them based on the clients’ needs. Recently, our Interiors Director Mariann Maxvill, relayed these ideas to students at Kirkwood High School to advocate the interior design profession. We look forward to further interaction with students, and hope to have another forum to share our passion soon.

Education has always been a top priority for Archimages, both early and post-professional, and we strongly encourage all employees to move towards obtaining professional certification. All three Archimages interior designers are licensed in Missouri and nationally certified through NCIDQ. The design team also recently joined IIDA on a trip to Jefferson City to learn about the legislative process and met our representatives. According to the Missouri Coalition for Interior Design, “The interior design of all built environments significantly impacts the health, safety and welfare of the public… Qualified interior designers improve the health, safety and welfare of the public in the spaces they design. Legal recognition ensures that only qualified individuals design interior spaces or represent themselves as having the qualifications to do so.” Currently, only 19 states have regulation which allows the practice of interior design, but restricts some form of the title to those licensed and regulated persons. It is Archimages’ intention to continue building awareness of both the interior design profession, and the legal recognition necessary to provide safe, effective spaces for our clients nationwide.