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City of Olivette

Our Municipal Studio is revitalizing a cultural hub for the community with a new, modern Police Department, Fire Department, City Hall and Community Center. We are working hand-in-hand with City Officials after successfully passing a bond issue, completing a Master Plan analysis, and engaging citizens in community workshops. This welcoming facility will encourage citizens to interact with their government, and the public spaces allows for multiple events with flexible, multi-configurable community rooms. A large public lobby, with upgraded finishes, is zoned separately from the secure interior circulation core for processing, detention, and staff work areas. Programmed to meet anticipated growth, our disciplined project managers will keep the project on budget, on schedule and yield quality results providing this City with an excellent return on their investment.

Project Data

  • Size 37,000 sf
  • Location Olivette, Missouri

Key Features

  • Secure Sally Port and drive thru apparatus bay
  • Lean design strategies consolidating all city offices and personnel
  • Sustainable development with direct access to public transit
  • Large council chambers and court utilizing natural daylighting strategies
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    Missouri Location

    143 West Clinton Place

    St. Louis, Missouri 63122


    Kansas Location

    14205 W. 95th Street

    Lenexa, Kansas 66215


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    6400 W. Main St., Ste 1Q

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