New Beginnings

Posted in News on Mar. 27, 2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of Archimages!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. After countless hours and hard work our team has brought to life this incredible platform to showcase not only our projects, completed or under construction, but top trends, news articles showcasing all construction types, buildings, and new technologies that are being implementing in other projects from around the world.

One of our main goals with this new blog and website is to take you on a behind the scenes tour of Archimages and our daily strive for excellence. We will take you on a journey from start to finish on upcoming projects, continue our education, as well as yours, on new products, construction and codes as well as the fun moments we have both inside and outside the office. As hard as we work day in and day out, a little fun is needed to continue the camaraderie outside the office. From site visits to manufacturer warehouse tours, we will take you along so you too can witness what is out there in the world of architecture and design.

We are excited for this new adventure and we hope you will continue to follow us and join in the discussions we will continue to post on this vast, ever changing, world of architecture.